Arlington County, Virginia


Arlington is one of the communities that I specialize in. I have worked in Arlington my entire career. It is a beautiful community that still maintains its small town feel and warmth. Below is some information you as a buyer might find useful. If you are thinking of buying in Arlington give me a call. We'll work together to find you your new HOME.



1. Business Week voted Arlington the number one place to ride out a recession in October of 2008. Source:(

2. CNN Money ranked Arlington as the most educated city in 2006 with 35.7% of residents having held graduate degrees. Arlington spends about half of its revenue on education, making it one of the top ten per-pupil spenders in the nation. Source: (

3. In 2005 Arlington was ranked first among walkable cities in the United States by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Source:(,_Virginia)


About: Arlington County is a county of about 206,800 residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is located directly across the Potomac River to the west of Washington, D.C. Formerly part of the District of Columbia, the land now composing the county was retroceded to Virginia on July 9, 1846, in an act of Congress that took effect in 1847. Despite being organized politically as a "county" in Virginia, it is considered a Central City of the Washington Metropolitan Area by the Census Bureau, along with the adjacent cities of Washington and Alexandria, Virginia. At a land area of 26 square miles (67 km2), it is geographically the smallest self-governing county in the United States.


Arlington Neighborhoods:




Columbia Pike

Court House

Crystal City

Lee Highway

Pentagon City



Virginia Square



Attractions: Arlington is the location of Arlington National Cemetery, Washington National Airport, the Pentagon, the USMC War Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, and numerous other monuments in Washington D.C.