There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.

I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.


"Cathy was infectiously enthusiastic from our first meeting through the closing process. She was always positive and reassuring about marketing the sale of my townhouse. Her suggestions for paint and staging paid off. Cathy's prediction that my house would be under contract within 30 days was accurate - under contract in 19 days and closing in 30 days. Her marketing skills are exemplary and necessary to get desired results. Cathy was very responsive to my phone calls and any issues that arose during the sale process. I highly recommend Cathy's services for the sale or purchase of a property."

- Cherlyn Castaldo, 4744 Thornbury Dr. Fairfax, VA

"Cathy was able to find a Buyer for us within 2 weeks of listing our home on the market. She provided good insight on the list price and market conditions and took the burden of selling our home off our shoulders. She is professional, dedicated and pleasing to work with. If you are in the market and looking for an agent, stop looking and call Cathy Poungmalai."

- Girish Maheswar, 14113 Gabrielle Way Centreville, VA

"We are pleased to strongly recommend Cathy to be your realtor. She and her husband, Tomas, work together as a terrific team, staging your home beautifully, pricing it accurately, posting it strategically, negotiating for you honestly and aggressively, and closing the deal. It was clear from the first time we met her that she would be our strongest advocate. Cathy is the consummate professional, yet compassionately understands the personal side of staging and selling a home that is near and dear to your heart. She uses the latest technology to get your home in front of as many people as possible, plus some traditional tried and true methods to steer traffic to your home for an open house. She also uses a terrific photographer who is artistically skilled in capturing and enhancing the look and feel of your home and producing stunning brochures and flyers. We couldn¹t be happier with our experience working with Cathy and Tomas."
- Steve and Kim P., 606 Greenwich St. Falls Church, VA

"Listen up all you home sellers....there is no reason to look any further for an agent other than "Cathy Poungmalai"! DO NOT waste your valuable time with anyone else. She understands the needs of both... sellers and buyers to satisfy all and seal the deal. She found a buyer for me in three weeks and I was very satisfied with her performance and how she handled everything!"

- Mike Maris, 244 Burgess Ave, Alexandria VA

"I just wanted to write that I highly recommend hiring Cathy Poungmalai as a realtor. We hired her for our recent purchase of our house in the City of Falls Church and she did a terrific job. We had very specific requirements and a very narrow set of neighborhoods we were looking for and Cathy was very patient with us and understood our needs. Not surprisingly the house that we wanted also generated a lot of other interest and ended up in a bidding war. We were able to get the contract on the house, not because we had the highest offering price, but rather Cathy was able to find specific non-price factors that were important to the seller and convinced them our offer was more likely to close without hassles. In the end, Cathy also convinced us these items, such as a more flexible closing date and a modest rent back period, were more important than price and we ended up probably saving tens of thousands of dollars by not overbidding. I was very impressed with Cathy in terms of her almost masterful negotiation skills and the extra effort she made to find as much information about the seller and their needs. It’s obvious that she looked in our best interests, as opposed to just telling us to offer the maximum we could afford, which was our initial instinct. If anyone has any questions about our experiences, please ask Cathy for our contact information and I will be glad to answer any questions as honestly as I can."

-Ed Kim 600 Dorchester Rd. Falls Church VA

"Cathy is the consummate professional and absolutely phenomenal! Extremely knowledgeable, very customer centric focused , patient and always prepared- are key attributes for outstanding realtor agent!! An exceptional professional- she knows the Northern Virginia market, property values and very familiar with all the N. VA communities . I was extremely impressed by her attention to detail, organizational skills and attentiveness. Cathy is an A+ agent!-- dedicated, considerate, and thoughtful, she gives 110% effort to her client 's needs and requirements. Her work ethic is beyond reproach – and without hesitation I highly recommend Cathy to anyone who is looking for a home to buy or sell!! The bottom line: TALENTED, TRUSTWORTHY, TENACIOUS!! – that’s Cathy."

- Ruby Miller 1606 Hunting Creek Dr. Alexandria, VA

"We had a wonderful experience working with Cathy for both the purchase of our new home and the rental of our old home. We really feel like we would not have been able to get our new home, which is absolutely perfect for us, without her! When we first saw the home, there were already multiple offers on the property so Cathy helped us to put together a very strategic, smart, and solid offer that ended up getting us the home! There was so much that occurred during the homebuying process, but through it all she was both proactive and responsive and gave us the best representation we could have asked for.

Cathy is a great communicator. She is very knowledgeable about the northern Virginia market, but most of all, has a very friendly, candid, and warm personality (that drew us to her to select her as our agent in the first place) that makes her easy to work with while still having the assertiveness, strength, and confidence you want in an agent representing you. She really understands how to market and stage properties to highlight their best assets and get the full value out of either a sale price or rental. We really appreciated that while she was very candid to provide us with her honest opinions and perspectives, she also listened to ours, particularly when they differed from her own, and worked with us to find solutions that we mutually agreed upon.
You will not be disappointed if you select Cathy to be your agent, for either buying, selling, or renting a home. She really does her best to get you the most value for your dollar and is truly a wonderful person to work with."

-Stephen and Glorianna Peng 431 Columbia St Falls Church VA

"Working with Cathy on the sale of this house has been great! She really went above and beyond on helping us get the most out of a property we thought we were losing on. Vacant for many months unable to rent or sell by owner, not wanting to pay high commissions on something we were already losing on, she really came through and proved her system works!"

-Susie Francis, 4836 Kingston Dr. Annandale, VA

"I would highly recommend Cathy Poungmalai to be your buyer's agent. We worked with her while looking at houses from overseas. We thought we would have lots of time to choose a property and enjoy the "shopping" process, but when the right house came on the market, we decided to move quickly. Cathy jumped right in and helped us prepare a great contract to present to the seller without even having met us. We wanted to offer less than the asking price even though there were multiple offers. Cathy advised us and spoke with the Seller's agent, and our offer was accepted. Cathy works hard and does a great job, and she can do it all over the computer, without even meeting you!"

-Laura Veprek, 303 Princeton Blvd. Alexandria VA


"Cathy Poungmalai is a true professional. She understands the natural emotions involved with people selling their "homes that they love; often their greatest asset. She presented data and helped analyze options every step of the way, through listing, staging and the sale. Knowing the homes that were competitors for the same home buyers was an extended and constant focus. Besides all of the business reasons we enjoyed, we consider her a friend. When we purchased a home through her as well, she never rushed us or tried to convince us to any home; she listened and pursued our interests at all times."

-Connie and Tom Lighthill 507 West St. Falls Church VA


"We had a great experience with both the purchase and the rental. I was very impressed with your tenacity during our home purchase and negotiations. I was also very pleased with your availability to show us homes. In fact, I was frankly amazed how you were able to fit everything into your schedule. I really appreciated your prompt replies to emails and phone messages, I never felt like I had to chase you down or wonder if you were actually working on our case or not. And we certainly walked away feeling that your representation got us the best deal possible. I have worked with many Realtors and I can say with confidence that I would rate you at the top."

-Brandi Lamb, Murrey Dr. Chantilly VA

"Cathy is a fantastic realtor and Frankly Realty is a great company. My family made a cross-country move from California to Virginia. Hoping to expedite the process and have a home waiting for us when we arrived, we contacted Cathy and Frankly Realty months before our move. Cathy listened to our requirements and quickly forwarded us a list of homes that might meet them. From that list we were able to better determine what kind of home we were looking for and what neighborhoods we wanted to consider.  About three months before our move, I traveled to Virginia to meet with Cathy and look at some of the homes we’d been considering. While we weren’t able to find the perfect home on that visit, we were able to nail down the type of home and neighborhood we wanted. Shortly after my return to California, a new home appeared on the Frankly MLS site. I called Cathy and asked her to preview it for us. Cathy quickly made a detailed video preview of the home and the neighborhood in which it was located. It was almost like being there in person. After viewing the video and discussing the property with Cathy, my wife and I decided that we wanted to make an offer. In the two days that the home was on the market, four other families made offers on it as well. Cathy provided us with great advice on our offering, including some flexible terms that we’re sure contributed to our offer being the one the sellers accepted.  We bought the house without ever seeing it in person. A number of our friends thought it was a rather risky thing to do. We, however, didn’t doubt it for a minute. Cathy knew precisely the type of home we were looking for, and we had complete confidence in Cathy’s advice and ability to represent our interests.
We’ve been living in the new house for about three weeks now. It’s the perfect house for us. I’d like to say I couldn’t be happier, but everyday we’re here I am more pleased with our home. We’re grateful to Cathy and Frankly Realty for helping us find our new home."

-Joe and Allison O'Rourke 1425 Audmar Dr. McLean VA 

"When I was looking for a buyer’s agent, I was afraid of a few things: that the agent would not be willing to negotiate as aggressively as I wanted, that the agent’s advice would be colored by his/her business affiliations with other professionals (home inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc.), that he/she would be difficult to deal with on a personal level, or that he/she would stop paying attention to me after I signed an exclusive buyer’s agent agreement. I interviewed five agents—four from name-brand brokerages—and ultimately chose Cathy. I’m glad I did. First, on a dollars-and-cents level, working with Cathy saved me thousands. She steered me to an efficient, intelligent, and reliable loan officer who charged hundreds less than his competitors and pulled together a loan much more quickly than normal (which was a deal breaker for my seller). She did not charge a $350 “administrative” fee (as real estate agents at big brokerages do), and she also paid $349 for my home warranty. She made it possible for me to negotiate $500 off the settlement fees by getting me a printed price quote from another settlement company. And most importantly, she enabled me to negotiate aggressively for the home I ended up buying at $77,000 below (an already reduced) asking price. Cathy always gave me honest, independent advice. Usually it was good advice, for example to work with the mortgage broker who I mentioned. On one occasion, I thought it was not fabulous advice: the home inspector I chose on her recommendation did not do an outstanding job. But I am confident that her recommendations were based on her clients’ past experiences, not on her own personal financial interests. (I imagine that she’d openly tell you what I thought of my home inspector when you get to that stage in the home buying process.) One of the best things about Cathy is that she is a very good communicator. At our first meeting, she immediately struck me as friendly, earnest, intelligent, and able to think quickly on her feet. With some of the other agents I interviewed, I would have felt embarrassed to have them represent me—bad sign! It was not so with Cathy. I was happy to have her speak for me during the negotiations. In general, Cathy gave me as much attention as I wanted, from our first appointment until the closing. I asked a tremendous number of questions, and Cathy either answered them or helped me figure out where to find the answers. That said, in the beginning, Cathy was late for an appointment and was hard to get a hold of for about two days. Since that’s probably the worst thing that happened to me during the entire home buying process, it does not seem like such a big deal in retrospect. Finally, I should mention that before I agreed to work with Cathy, I called about 10 references who had used her as a buyer’s agent. Through that process I discovered that Cathy has a lot of very happy customers. Every reference spoke about her in glowing terms, and no one had any complaints. (Many specifically mentioned that they were happy with their home inspectors, too.) They consistently described her as “thorough” and “trustworthy,” and several told me that you can’t go wrong with Cathy. After working with her myself, I certainly agree."

- Jeffrey Kessler

"The house is sold – over asking! You brought 3 viable offers within a week in a down economy and slow market. Your knowledge of the market in Northern Virginia and your sales expertise made that possible. Your clients testify to your real estate success on a case‐by‐case basis in overwhelming numbers and I join them to praise your professionalism and ongoing real estate successes. But your personal commitment to each client is what sets you apart. The first time we met, you came prepared with detailed knowledge of the sales history of my house, recent neighborhood sales, and the northern Virginia market. You asked what was important to me. I know you had many other clients, but you made me feel like the only one. You remained generous with your time through real estate forms and processes that were sometimes hard to understand. You provided valuable guidance on getting the house ready for sale and showing the house to best advantage including referral to a professional stager who made a big contribution. You gave the house web exposure even doing a You Tube video. You treat everyone involved in the sale process with respect and remain committed to your clients from beginning to end. I couldn’t help but notice that you clearly have the respect of other realtors and the settlement attorneys.  You always will have my grateful appreciation. You are the Best!

- Janet Boodro 

“I appreciate all your hard work. You did a very good job of marketing our condo. There were over twenty inspections in addition to the traffic at the two open houses, which I would say is very good considering the market. No question your renovation/staging also made a significant contribution. In short, we made it stand out and priced it attractively combined with your marketing & photos did the trick.”

- Mel

“Cathy is refreshingly honest and forthright. You can trust her. She has learned to be an excellent negotiator, and when things get tough, you can count on Cathy to find a creative solution. She never gives up. Through the years, I have always been amazed at Cathy’s work ethic. “Hard-working” only begins to describe her commitment. Combined with her high energy and business abilities, she is a “walking recipe for success.” And she has the track record to prove it….”

- Anita

“Cathy's relentless confidence, exuberance, positivity and professionalism was second to none and was the deciding factor in selling my home under adverse market conditions. She redefines the often cliche phrase of "going the extra mile". Additionally, the efforts she has put forth in learning about photography gave my home a breathtaking photo gallery that no competing properties could compare to in the various marketing media.”


“We want to thank you for the stellar job that you did in helping us to market and sell our house last summer. We appreciate your thoroughness in the whole process - from advising us on staging, to taking wonderful pictures, to making ours the best open house for miles around. You clearly know the market and how to attract the buyers. We are especially impressed that you managed to bring in so many offers and that you helped us to negotiate for the full asking price even when so many neighboring properties were languishing and had to cut their prices.”

- Jennifer & Quang

“I know this seems premature, but I also know this house will sell quick! I just wanted to pass on sentiments Deb intimated to me yesterday, about how she has not ever questioned whether she should have chosen any other realtor to sign with and sell our home. So keep up the great work...and sell our house!”

“Your marketing approach and sincere personal investment in us put us at ease through the entire process. To think, during this tumultuous time of housing market crashes and industry naysayers, we got a ratified contract within nine days that went smoothly to closing 30 days after that was solely attributed to your professionalism and abilities.”


“It was an incredible achievement that you were able to sell this house in less than three weeks under today’s depressed market. Based on the information you compiled and your sound advice, I believe we were able to put the right price on the house.”